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뱍원순 시장 후보(Park's bid for Seoul mayorship) (2011년 9월 10일)

divicom 2011. 9. 10. 14:40

IT ``tycoon” Ahn Cheol-soo announced on Tuesday that he would not run for the mayorship of Seoul despite the overwhelming public support for him. While he was reigning over the nation’s mass media for five days with his possible candidacy, he outshone all likely contenders by a great margin and the share prices of AhnLab shot up only to plummet upon Ahn’s announcement. He is the founder and chairman of the board of the oldest and largest provider of computer vaccine programs in Korea.

Ahn said he made the decision to support Park Won-soon’s bid for the position in the Oct. 26 by-election. Although Park, a pro-democracy fighter-turned lawyer, is one of the most respected civic leaders in the nation and has earned recognition at home and abroad, including the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service in 2006 for his ``principled activism fostering social justice, fair business practices, clean government and a generous spirit in South Korea's young democracy,” he is much less known than Ahn to his compatriots largely for political reasons.

Since its inception in 2008, the incumbent government has been eager to weaken the influence of Park who became the icon of civic activism by founding the People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) in 1994, the Beautiful Foundation (BF) in 2000, and the Hope Institute in 2005. PSPD works to reform politics through grassroots efforts while BF strives to narrow the gap between the haves and have-nots through citizens' voluntary sharing of wealth. Hope provides policy alternatives and life-long education.

Park has iterated many times that his one and only concern was civic activism but he has been ceaselessly wished and touted to take up an elected post for quite some time. He didn’t seem truly interested in entering politics until two years ago when the National Intelligence Service (NIS) filed a defamation suit against him. In an interview in June 2009, he charged that NIS was pressuring corporations not to financially support civic groups such as Hope Institute. Hope, originally headquartered in central Seoul of Anguk-dong, moved to Pyeongchang-dong for lower rent amid dwindling corporate support in April 2009, about 13 months after President Lee Myung-bak took office.

``As the nation is aware, I have been doing charity movements through the Beautiful Foundation and Beautiful Stores, and carrying out projects to promote hope and governance of our society. I don't know why they are doing this," Park said in an interview shortly after the NIS suit was lodged. When the interviewer commented that the government might want to preempt his power before he emerged as a new opposition leader, Park said he had never wanted to be so ``but they seem to be eager to raise me up as one.” A year later, NIS was defeated in the suit.

The other reason behind Park’s attempt at Seoul mayorship may be his wish to finally materialize his own emphasis on management of local administrative units as a way of promoting social reform. The self-claimed ``social designer” launched the ``Mayor School” for mayor and councilor hopefuls at the Hope Institute in 2006 and the ``Mokmingwan (Village Officials) Club” for county chiefs and mayors last year.

The ``Mayor School” demands the participants observe ``Ten Commandments to be Good Mayors.” As I read the 10 clauses, I can’t help smiling because they seem to describe how Park has been working and living as a civic activist. The 10 include: ``Look at money as if it were stone.” ``It is people who work; gather the competent.” ``The harder the mayor studies, the greater the region develops.” and ``A good blueprint insures 10 years.”

Also on the list are ``Choice and concentration is the core of leadership.” ``Without creative alternatives, there will be no future for your region.” ``Bend (meaning “be modest” or “compromise.”).” ``Local councils and civic organizations are companions for municipal administrations.” ``Residents’ participation propels regional development.” Last but not least, ``Drop your thoughts on re-election and you will see beyond.”

Now that Park’s mayoral pursuit is known, he may become the target for both the ruling and opposition forces. If he garners growing support, some may use low cunning by branding him as a leftist as the dirty political minds used to do in this part of the world where MaCarthyism still haunts. I hope he will survive all unjust maneuvers and get the chance to rehabilitate Seoul, fulfilling the wishes of Ahn Cheol-soo and many other supra-partisan supporters.

I hope the result of the Oct. 26 by-election will give a new positive connotation to the date, which usually caused negative reflections ever since President Park Chung-hee was assassinated on the day in 1979, ending an 18-year dictatorship and bringing forth confusion that another dictator took advantage of. The old saying goes that your wish comes true when you say it to the full moon. As we celebrate the auspicious full moon day, Chuseok, on Monday, let’s wish for the best result of the election. Happy Chuseok, everyone!


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